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Instagram tips for boutique owners

5 lessons. 5 ways to make more sales on Social Media.

Instagram tips for boutique owners

Perfecting Your Graphics

* What apps to use to create branded graphics on the go.

* What are Presets and how to use them + which presets I recommend.

Making the most of every post

* How to schedule your posts + which scheduling tools I recommend.

* Hashtags 101 + Secrets Places to add you hashtags.

* How to perfect your captions.

* How to sell directly from your social media posts.

* How to use pre-recorded videos as Facebook Lives

Instagram tips for boutique owners
Instagram tips for boutique owners

Where to add your website links.

* What app to use to create a beautiful mobile app link

* IGTV 101

* 5 places to put your link today.

Facebook Pages and Groups

* Facebook Engagement Ideas + so much more...

Instagram tips for boutique owners
Instagram tips for boutique owners

+ Each day comes with a Content Calendar.

Ideas for 3 posts a day.

30 sets of hashtags for each day.

2 pre made engagement graphics a day.

+ Captions 

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Who's behind this challenge?

Jennifer Lackey is the CEO of The InstantBoss Club where she teaches over 7,000 Small Shop Owners and Influencers how to grow on social media. 

She has helped her members collectivelly gain over a million followers and make hundreds of thousands of dollars via social media. 

Jennifer has been featured on Voyage Magazine, The Boutique Hub, The Daily Dot, and many more.